Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Chelsea Hander is a TV star and actress, amongst other things. She is well known in many different forms of media and her popularity is continuously growing. Because of the way she has  gained popularity in the past couple of years people are starting to bring her looks into the spotlight. Many people have come to the conclusion that she had plastic surgery in the past, and might be doing so even now. Regardless of whether she had surgery or not she is still a gorgeous woman who still has a long career ahead of her. It is safe to say her beauty is probably going to be sticking around with her.

Chelsea Handler plastic surgery before and after photos

Chelsea Handler plastic surgery

The question will likely come up, “What kind of plastic surgeries did Chelsea Handler have?” Well it is hard to tell the total number of procedures that she had throughout her years as an all-around entertainer. However, if you take a close look at some of her before and after photos you can clearly tell some significant places on her face alone where she had work done.

One of the first places that you can see signs of plastic surgery is on her lips. She probably had a lip job so that she could increase the volume, and there for sex appeal, of her lips. It is a fairly common procedure that millions of women around the world had done. Besides a lip job there is other work that you can see if you pay close attention to her face. A facelift is very evident due to the fact that her wrinkles seem to vanish in photos, and her face is very tight for her age. All of the signs add up, but one thing is for sure, she sure looks great no matter what her actual age is!

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