Cheryl Ladd Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Cheryl Ladd is another famous Hollywood celebrity with successful plastic surgery. Albeit much like almost every other star, Ladd has declined all speculations on plastic surgery yet her youthful looks even beyond 60 years of age speak otherwise. According to expert cosmetic surgeons, the actress has taken to a number of plastic surgeries.

Has Cheryl Ladd Had Plastic Surgery?


First of all, Ladd seems to have a facelift. When a woman reaches the wrong side of 60 she is sure to develop sagging skin and wrinkles but Ladd looks simply stunning with her so tight and toned face, even at such a matured age. Now, this so-youthful look isn’t possible naturally and is only viable through cosmetic procedures. It won’t be wrong to conclude that Cheryl has taken to facelift procedure which is meant to firm up the skin to restore the previous youthful appearance. The no-wrinkle look can be credited to Botox injections as well. These injections free the skin from the prominent signs of aging such lines and wrinkles.

Then, Cheryl must have taken to rhinoplasty as well. If you go through previous pictures you will find her with a wider nose but her latest pictures reveal her with a thinner, refined & slimmer nasal area- which is again not possible without any cosmetic help.

Cheryl Ladd has also taken to eyelid surgery, it seems. Matured women tend to develop baggy eyes with loose skin around. But a glance at the latest pictures of Cheryl will stun you such youthful fresh eyes & tighter eye region. No wonder she has gone for an eyelid surgery recently that has helped to tighten up the skin surrounding the eyes.

Besides, Cheryl Ladd is speculated to have opted for lip augmentation too. It’s not normal to flaunt fleshy juicy lips post 60 but Cheryl’s very luscious lips even at such a mature age only speak of a skilled cosmetic procedure.

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