Christie Brinkley: “I’d never say never to plastic surgery!”

Blond beauty Christie Brinkley turned 60 on February 2, but clearly looks decades younger than her age. However, she admits to have not tried plastic surgery yet, but does not rule out going under the knife in the future.

“I’d never say never [to plastic surgery],” Brinkley told People magazine. “But there are so many other non-invasive choices that address sagging, wrinkling and discoloration.”

Having denied plastic surgery’s involvement in preserving her beauty, the American model and actress reveals her beauty secret as ‘special facials once a month to smooth out wrinkles.’ Hmm…Is that another name for a ‘facelift’?

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In 2010, NY post reported that Christie has gotten a facelift done, just a day before her daughter Alexa Ray Joel went under the knife for a nose job. Alexa has admitted to have undergone Rhinoplasty to correct an alleged deviated spectrum. But Brinkley stayed cool about the whole incident and was not available for comments.

christie brinkley before and after photo

Christie Brinkley before and after plastic surgery

“Throughout Christie’s career people have speculated that she’s done this or that, which she always chooses to take as a compliment,” said her representative.

However, before and after photo comparisons of Christie Brinkley does suggest that she has had some changes made to her original features. Brinkley has also said that the secret to her hot body and youthful looks is a healthy, vegetarian diet (which she has followed since age 13) and daily workouts, including spinning, running, lifting weights, calisthenics and yoga.

We think Christie should reveal her plastic surgery secrets too, at least for the sake of those ‘regular’ women who often get frustrated of not attaining fabulous bodies by following all the exercise and diet plans that they think keeps the celebrities fit.

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