Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Plastic surgeries are no secret in Hollywood yet those are hardly admitted by the stars even when their cosmetic works are remarkably evident to public eye. One of the famous stars to have always denied plastic surgery rumors is gorgeous super model Christie Brinkley. She has always stressed her good genes and healthy lifestyle as the keys to her stunning youthful aura even after crossing 60. But her face gestures a completely different tale.

When a woman reaches 50, it’s natural for her to develop wrinkles, lines, creases and sagging skin. But if you look at Brinkley now, you would be astonished to find her with a completely flawless appearance, relieved from any sign of aging. He face looks shiny and fresh which is really unnatural when you are at your 60s. She actually looks decades younger and anybody can mistake as a gorgeous beauty from 30s. Such a youthful look at a mature is never possible naturally and hence it won’t be wrong to assume that she took to a skilled cosmetic surgeon to restore her younger aura.

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery

The wrinkle free forehead clearly points to Botox injections- one of the most common plastic measures adopted by aging celebs in the show business. Then according some plastic surgeons, Brinkley has also taken to facial fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm that has assured the fuller feel on the face.

Besides, some plastic surgeons also opine that the gorgeous supermodel has gone for a Blepharoplasty which is commonly known as eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty is adopted to smoothen and tighten the aging loose skin and creases around the eye. If you look at Brinkley’s latest pictures you won’t find any crow’s feet or creases or loose skin near the eye area. The only conclusion is an expert eyelid surgery on her.

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