Ciara Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Ciara plastic surgery rumors are exclusively centered on a pretty significant nose job. Though there have been no confirmations from the singer or any of her spokesperson, it is easy to draw conclusions from the Ciara’s before and after photos that she had breast and nose job done.

Has Ciara had plastic surgery ?

28 year old Ciara Princess Harris, popularly just “Ciara” is an American recording artist, dancer, actress and model. She formed her first girl group when she was still in her mid-teens. Her talent was first noticed in 2002 and Ciara released her debut album Goodies in 2004. She also made her acting debut in 2006 with All you’ve got.

Ciara plastic surgery before and after 2013-2014 pictures

Ciara after and before plastic surgery

Growing up as an Army brat, Ciara has travelled around the world. When she entered the music history, she had finally found her paradise and definitely wanted to make the best of it. If you take look at young Ciara’s photos, you will immediately notice the big change she had to make in order to fit into celebrity status. That big nose has been replaced by a slender one which gives her face a better balance.

In fact, the nose job seems to have been a game changer. Ciara could have easily been the target of celebrity watchers with a bulbous nose that takes up most of the space on her face. Her fans seem to be welcome the change too.

What do you think? Did Ciara do the right thing by going under the knife for a Rhinoplasty or should she have avoided artificial beauty enhancement?

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