Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Courtney Love has a new face almost every month – thanks to plastic surgery! Compared to Micheal Jackson in celeb-town for her addiction to artificial beauty enhancements, Courtney has always been known as a wild-soul. Controversies seem to be a part and parcel of this American singer/songwriter’s life.

Courtney rose to fame with her alternative rock banc Hole. Her daringly uninhibited stage presence and controversial song lyrics along with the 1992 marriage to Kurt Cobain has put her on the center stage for a long time. With this rise of popularity, criticism coupled with gossip also started surrounding Courtney. But plastic surgery is not just a rumor in Courtney’s life – it’s hard to miss the changes in her features, both on her body and face.

Courtney love before and after photo

Courtney Love before and after plastic surgery photos

After an initial drug addiction, Courtney Love has now turned all her attention to artificial beauty enhancements – nothing is being enhanced for better though! If she keeps up this pace in distorting her image, Miss Love will soon catch up with Micheal Jackson when it comes to musical plastic surgery victims. The most controversial of her plastic surgery experiments have to be the ‘The Joker Smile’ she sported a while back. The lip augmentation was given company with some awful nose jobs. We cannot really pin-point as to how many procedures she has undergone. But countless nose jobs, lip augmentation, microdermabrasion, collagen injections, Botox injections and liposuction definitely feature in that list of shame.

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At least, Courtney has now decided to get back her face to a ‘reasonable’ shape. She is definitely not happy with her looks and would like to fix it. However, we worry it would only elevate the disaster. Courtney is happy with her nose though – finally! She says that it has helped her succeed in Hollywood. With her alcoholism and frequent partying, Courtney does need a helping hand from a brilliant plastic surgeon to keep her looks human.

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