Cynthia Bailey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Consider that there are a huge number of stars to come out of the hit reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta including Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams. One of the other great figures in this show is Cynthia Bailey. She is respectable, beautiful, and a personality that is truly larger than life. One of the most talked about topics is whether there could be more to her than just natural beauty. There have actually been some Cynthia Bailey plastic surgery rumors flying around for quite some time. She has openly admitted to getting cosmetic surgery done, but the question is, what procedures exactly? Well in order to better understand what might have happened under the knife consider these before and after photos.

Cynthia Bailey Plastic Surgery Procedures

Cynthia Bailey Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Cynthia Bailey Plastic Surgery


You can’t help but to notice that despite being in her 40’s, Cynthia still manages to look extremely young, particularly in her face. There is a good chance that she had a combination facelift and Botox injections to give her face that smooth youthful look that most people in their 40’s simply do not have. Some of the telltale signs of these procedures include:

  • Lack of age lines
  • Smooth and flawless skin
  • A “tight” skin appearance, as opposed to loose.
  • Drastic changes in before and after photos

Considering Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery used to be something that was considered taboo. As time goes it is becoming more and more acceptable for people to alter the way they look with anything from a facelift, to a thigh lift. If Cynthia Bailey decided that she was unhappy with the way that she looked there is nothing wrong with a couple of changes to boost her confidence.

If you are thinking about getting plastic surgery you should always make sure you invest in someone who is reputable and knows exactly what they are doing. Cynthia’s plastic surgeon is obviously extremely experienced and knows his/her stuff. Just remember not to overdo it and you will be able to look great too with the help of plastic surgery!