Dana DeLorenzo Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Dana DeLorenzo is an up and coming star from the United States. If you want the specifics, she was actually born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. Her list of career works might not be as long as some of the other stars on Starz Ash vs Evil Dead such as Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless, but at any rate she continues to show progress and certainly has the looks and talent to go far in Hollywood. As of right now, besides Ash vs Evil Dead she has only been in two other films, there is The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue, and A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas.  She is only 32 years old, so she has plenty of room to grow. When you look at how beautiful she is you have to wonder if she is all natural, or if perhaps she had a little help from a plastic surgeon. The Dana DeLorenzo plastic surgery before and after photos might help you identify just what kind of work she had done in the past.

Dana DeLorenzo Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Dana DeLorenzo Plastic Surgery

Dana DeLorenzo Plastic Surgery : Facelift or Not?

First of all, you absolutely cannot miss the fact that she had at least one facelift. Some people could argue that the after photo features her with much more makeup than the before picture, and while that might be true makeup cannot change the physical shape of your face. You can clearly see how tight and radiant her skin is. She may only be 32, but she looks like she could pass for 20 years old, without question. Since this does not make sense in the laws of nature, logically there are other factors involved. She may have visited a reputable plastic surgeon her helped her get an almost flawless facelift. The evidence is all in the picture.

Usually when someone gets a facelift their wrinkles fade away to almost nothing, they get the same, almost plastic like look that Dana DeLorenzo plastic surgery photos illustrate. It is hard to say how many other surgeries she had, and where she got them done at. One thing is for sure though, Dana is beautiful and it would seem that her career is just beginning.