Demi Lovato Plastic Surgery Before and After Pic 2014

Yes! Another Disney star. With Miley cyrus recently joining the celebrity plastic surgery club, it is time for another talented young singer to step into the limelight with some plastic surgery rumors. Actually, the rumors are pretty genuine too. It’s clearly visible how Demi Lovato’s nose has taken a sharp turn from the cute little button nose it was before.

Did Demi Lovato Had Plastic Surgery ?

TheĀ Camp Rock star is a talented young artist- no doubt. but lately much has been changing on her body, including her weight. Demi has ceased to look like the pretty little girl we knew from the Disney movies. She looks a lot more elegant now and hot, of course. The major change is definitely her nose. Looks like she has put on some weight too.

Demi Lovato before and after photo

Demi Lovato before and after plastic surgery

Another major change is of course, her breasts. Either it is a lot of maturity she packed in a short span of time or a little help from a plastic surgeon. We’d like to go with the later and think that Demi may have had a breast augmentation procedure to re size her boobs. They sure do look like they have been pumped up with some implants. Either that or some other filler to make them look larger, rounder and firmer.

The nose has most definitely changed from the bulbous wide one to a sharper, smaller and narrower one, which looks good on Demi’s otherwise pretty face. It has also helped bring a lot of maturity to her face. Do you think Demi Lovato looks better with plastic surgery or was her innocent looks better?

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