Diane Sawyer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Diane Sawyer had plastic surgery for a younger face? This is one hard-to-believe rumor. Usually, plastic surgery rumors are triggered by significant changes in a celebrity’s features. Diane seems to have a naturally aging but beautiful face and if she did go under the knife, that was a job done well.

Did Diane Sawyer Had Botox ?

Sawyer is currently hosting ABC world news and is an acclaimed television journalist who has been recognized for her work with 3 Emmy awards for broadcast journalism. Sawyer has been named as one of the most powerful women by Forbes and is highly respected for her contribution to ABC. Diane is a celebrity in her own area of work and though that is not really the glamour industry, looking good on television is not a bad idea. But did she go to a plastic surgeon’s table to execute that idea?

Diane Swayer Plastic Surgery Diane Swayer Before and After photo

Diane Sawyer Plastic Surgery photo

The 67 year old veteran journalist is rumored to have undergone face lifts, Botox treatments and Rhinoplasty. However, a casual look at her pictures from different time periods do not support this argument. Her nose seems to be perfectly the same and even though her face is not completely lined with wrinkles, she does have a few laugh lines. Her skin seems to be taken care of well and is naturally gifted with beauty. If she did go under the knife, it would have been as minor as possible.

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The Botox rumors can be easily rubbished by the fine lines under her eyes.  Neither does her skin look too tight. If it does seem a bit younger than her age – that could easily be because of cosmetic treatments and not necessarily face lifts. We would have to conclude that Diane Sawyer is good example for graceful aging.

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