Dolly Patron Plastic Surgery Before and After

Singer/songwriter Dolly Patron has had a lot of help from plastic surgery in flaunting that perfect figure even as she nears the 70 year mark in her life. Apart being renowned in the music industry, Dolly is also an accomplished actress and has been in showbiz since her teenage years. That puts her career span to be over 50 years now. A god-given melodious voice accompanied by outmost honesty. The brave celebrity has admitted to have had all the plastic surgery procedures she has been accused of. With her blond hair, tight skin and firm bust, Dolly is all ready to flaunt the title of “Surgery Queen”.

Has Dolly Patron had breast implants ?

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Dolly Patron before and after plastic surgery

Dolly Patron has confessed about her breast implants. (Not that we needed a confession) Her large firm breasts are immediately suspected of implants without any proof. She has also had Facelift, Rhinoplasty, Botox injections, chin implantation, brow lift, and neck lifts. It is rumored that Dolly has been visiting the plastic surgeon since the 80s. She has spent truckloads of money on chemical peeling, face lifting, fat injections, and liposuctions too. Dolly Patron was also in news for her breast reduction rumors.

However, unlike a few unfortunate older stars, Dolly seems to have everything inder control. She seems to know what is right for her body and doesn’t intend to be another “Catwoman”. Expert plastic surgeons agree with this opinion too. They feel that Dolly Patron has done everything right to combat her aging body’s imperfections. After all her fans are not complaining and finds her gorgeously charming as ever.

We hope she continues to be good example of anti-ageing plastic surgery. Maybe the other celebrities can take inspiration from her.

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