Drew Barrymore Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Hollywood celebrities are big fans of plastic surgery and most of them are addicted to cosmetic surgery procedures that help in keeping up their celebrity looks. However, there are a handful of celebs who like to stay away from everything unnatural and is pretty vocal about their dislike for artificial beauty enhancement too. Drew Barrymore is one among them. However, shockingly. it has now come to light that even Drew has undergone surgery to shape up her body.

Did Drew Barrymore Get a Breast Reduction ?

Plastic surgery is the perfect soultion for instant body re-shaping to fit your celebrity image and most celebrities do not shy away from it. Drew Barrymore falls into that category of celebrities who have been against plastic surgery, but later went on to have at least less evasive minimal plastic surgery procedures. Barrymore seems to have had a minor surgery to reduce her breast size. But she had been quoted earlier in an interview to Instyle magazine that she didn’t like the idea of a fake look because it scared her.

drew barrymore before and after photo

Drew Barrymore before and after plastic surgery

The breast reduction surgery has reduced Drew’s cup size from D to 34C. When asked about why she went under the knife to have her breasts resized, she cited back problems and uncomfortably to be the reason for her decision to say yes to plastic surgery. We think she made an excellent decision, because Drew Barrymore’s body looks fantastic and well balanced now. The breast reduction procedure was ell worth it. Hope she stops there and don’t get all addicted with plastic beauty enhancement treatments.

But rumors have already started coming about a possible Rhinoplasty too. We don’t see any significant change. Do you?

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