Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgeries are really regular in Hollywood with more and more matured stars joining the bandwagon every month. While some actually manage to come up with excellent youthful results some of the plastic works are no les than a disaster. Dyan Cannon is one of those Hollywood celebs who have opted for cosmetic works and fortunately the outcome has been really beautiful. As per the reports, the star has been under the cosmetic knife a multiple times. The article here is a brief on the various plastic surgeries taken up by Dyan Cannon.

Has Dyan Cannon Had Plastic Surgery?

dyan cannon plastic surgery

First, the beautiful actress has most possibly gone for a facelift. If you browse through her recent photos you will find her with a perfectly firm & tight face which is actually unnatural for a septuagenarian woman. Cannon is 75 + now and hence it won’t be wrong to conclude that she has gone for a facelift procedure that has tightened up her overall appearance, rendering a rejuvenated glow to it.

Added to her face, Cannon’s facelift has also benefitted her neck and much like her tight face you won’t see an inch of sagging skin around her neck area.

Along with Facelift, Botox is another very popular cosmetic procedure taken up the Hollywood stars and Cannon seems to be no exception. Her forehead shows no signs of aging which proves a Botox aide that has duly helped to erase all the frowns and other signs of  aging from the area. Besides, the sex symbol also flaunts a really luscious pair of lips. When a woman crosses 75, it’s not possible for her to come up with such plump lips and Dyan’s sexy lips at such matured age only reveal of a lip job.

Finally, if you are wondering what’s the secret behind the actress’ gorgeous shapely portfolio- the answer lies in a skilled liposuction wonder.

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