Elizabeth McGovern Plastic Surgery Before and After

Like most other 50+ year old Hollywood celebrities, Elizabeth McGovern came under the attack of plastic surgery rumors owing to her suspicious youthful appearance. She had done all the common anti-ageing plastic surgery procedures and it is quite easily visible on her face.

Elizebeth McGover is a 52 year old American film, television and theatre actress and a musician. She is mainly noted for her roles in movies like Ragtime, Johnny Handsome and The Handmaid’s Tale. She also appeared in popular UK TV shows like Law & Order, Tales from the Crypt and Downton Abbey.

Has Elizabeth McGovern had a facelift ?

Elizabeth McGovern plastic surgery before and after photo, Elizabeth McGovern facelift

Elizabeth McGovern before and after plastic surgery

In the case of celebrities, plastic surgery is not only a luxury but a career need. It is important for those in showbiz to put their best appearance for camera – age cannot be allowed to interfere with that. Probably this is what prompted Elizabeth to undergo procedures like dermal injections, facelifts and eye lifts. The results are clearly visible on her youthfully glowing face. No amount of make-up or healthy lifestyle can make a middle aged woman look like a twenty-something year old. Botox and other fillers have eased out the wrinkles on McGovern’s face and the eyelifts have take care of the saggy under eyes.

The good thing about Elizabeth McGovern’s plastic face is that, though it looks much younger than it is, it does look perfectly natural. No weird disasters in her case. Too much of fillers could have been another story. However, Elizabeth seems to know her limits and has kept her beauty intact.

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