Elle Evans Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Elle Evans is an American born actress and model. She is well known for many different things, but perhaps her most notable role is in Robin Thicke music video for the song “Blurred Lines”. It is hard to doubt her beauty, but one of the things that comes into question after that is whether her beauty is natural or doctored with plastic surgery. Many people seem to think that she had some cosmetic surgery done due to how different she looks now as opposed to just two years ago. These before and after photos of the 25 year old should help shed some light on the rumors.

Elle Evans plastic surgery before and after photos

Elle Evans plastic surgery

At first glance you can’t help but to notice that her cheeks seem full in the after picture. When someone has cheeks that are that smooth and full it is usually because they had Botox injections. It is a common procedure where the doctor will go in and put a filler in to help conceal signs of aging like frown lines and crow’s feet. While she may have not had multiple runs of Botox injections it looks like she had at least one set of shots to give her face that smooth flawless look.

Another questionable part of her face is her nose. It does not look like there is that big of difference at the bottom, however her bridge looks different, which is typical in a nose job. In the after photo it looks a lot more straight and even than it does in the before photo. This could be due to lighting, but at the same time it seems extremely noticeable. Almost too noticeable to be just lighting, but the point still remains clear. If she did have a nose job there was not a whole lot done. So for the most part her beauty is natural, even if she had a few tweaks done in the past year or two.