Ellen DeGeneres Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Ellen DeGeneres is a 57 year old TV show host and actress who has been all over the film and TV industry. Even though she is getting close to her sixtieth birthday, you would never guess it if you looked at her. She looks like she could easily be in her late thirties or early forties. Many people attribute her good looks to the fact that she has good genetics, but there seems to be much more than that going on. It is possible that she has been getting plastic surgery through the years to keep up her appearances.

Ellen Degeneres plastic surgery before and after photos

Ellen Degeneres plastic surgery

There is nothing wrong with the decision to get cosmetic surgery, but it is something that should be openly admitted it asked. Up until this point she has not confirmed or denied these procedures, but this is everyone’s best guess from looking at all of her before and after photos. First of all an obvious one would be Botox injections. You can see that most of her wrinkles and fine lines have vanished over the past few years, which is usually what happens when people get Botox injections. The Botox is used to fill in all those missing places where wrinkles are starting to form. The odds are that is not the only place on her face where she had plastic surgery.

Ellen DeGeneres also probably had a facelift or two to keep her face looking tight and young. You can barely see her age when you are looking at her face. When a plastic surgeon does a facelift he or she usually remove excess skin and tighten the places that need improvement. It is hard to say if she had any other work done, but these before and after photos send a clear message that she has not managed to look this young by herself.

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