Emily Maynard Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Breast Implants

‘Bachelorette’ star Emily Maynard has joined the celebrity plastic surgery club recently with reports pouring in about her visibly different looks. According to the rumors, Emily began her association with cosmetic surgery procedures in 2010, due to her fears and insecurities. Looks like the popular ‘natural beauty’ has gone plastic to feel secure in the celebrity sphere – but she has never admitted to her new plan for beauty enhancements. So how did the rumors come about? Before and after photo comparisons, of course! In 2012, Emily seems to have been spotted outside a plastic surgeon’s clinic in North Carolina too. There have also been reports from sources close to her, confirming Ms Maynard’s regular trysts with cosmetic procedures.

Has Emily Maynard Had Plastic Surgery ?

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Expert plastic surgery ‘detectives’ have charged the reality TV star with a nose job, breast implants, veneers and Laser treatments. The Rhinoplasty seems to have been conducted with outmost care and restricted to a minor procedure to give more definition to her nose. Emily’s brand new nose has a visibly sharper tip and narrower bridge. With a custom sculpted nose, Emily need to balance out her other facial features and this required dental veneers, Botox and possibly a facelift too. This did make a difference – now she has an unnaturally stiff and frozen face. With that settled, she decided to subject her face to one more procedure to achieve glowing smooth skin, perfect for the cameras and make-up – Laser treatment to wipe out the pores, so that her face will shine like a star on your screens.

Emily Maynard Plastic surgery  Emily Maynard Before and after photo

Emily Maynard Plastic surgery Photo

Emily Maynard had no intentions to restrict the plastic surgery to her face and went on to get implants for her breasts. Now her boobs not only look larger but are also reshaped and firmer. Now, some of you may say that this would be the result of having a baby or putting on weight. But we don’t think these reasons can reshape your body parts – make them larger maybe, but give a new shape? No!

In the world of reality TV, it is easy for new celebrities to be born within episodes. Being such a star, Emily must have found the need to defend her stardom with her ‘plastic’ looks at least.

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