Emma Watson Plastic surgery Before and After Showing Nose Job

No! She didn’t! – Harry Potter fans; we hear you and agree with you. Much has been talked about Emma Watson going to the plastic surgeon for a new and improved nose. We think it’s all made up. Take a look at Emma’s before and after shots; You will think so too.

Did Emma Watson Have Nose Job ?

Looks like celebrity watchers and gossipers are out to catch everyone in celeb-town. Even sweet little Emma isn’t spared. She is young, so the easiest accusation can be a nose job. Of course, Rhinoplasty are popular among celebs at a very young age, However, we do not think our Hermione has had anything to do with it.

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Still doubt it? See for yourself – compare her before and after pix here.

emma watson before and after plastic surgery

Emma Watson before and after photo

Another big speculation is breast implants. We say, that’s rubbish too! Emma is maturing into a young woman and it’s natural for sudden changes in her appearance – especially the breasts.

When the question was popped to her she replied that she does have insecurities about her looks, but isn’t a fan of plastic surgery. You have got to believe her. There are no concrete evidences and no expert opinions. It isn’t even a valid discussion, because her nose looks the same and if there are any changes, they are too smooth to be the work of a plastic surgeon.

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