Farrah Holt Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Farrah Holt is one of the most interesting models out there. When you look at her modeling photos you would get the idea that she has a real “girl next door” look. The question comes up as to whether she had plastic surgery or not. If you did not carefully examine her photos you would say “No”. After some careful comparing of before and after photos it would seem that perhaps there is more to it than many people realize. She shows some signs of having slight cosmetic surgery, maybe to fix her small imperfections to feel like she had a better chance in the modeling business. Either way, here are a couple of slight noticeable surgeries that this Farrah seems to have.

Farrah Holt plastic surgery before and after photos

Farrah Holt plastic surgery

First of all notice how different her chin looks in the before picture than it does in the after photo. It would seem that she had a chin implant put in to give her chin a more defined appearance. You can see how the curvature is different between the photos, and it has nothing to do with the angles. Getting a chin implant is very common, particularly among models. It would not be a surprise to find out that she got this done when she started modeling regularly and needed an enhanced look.

She also seems to have had a facelift. In the after photo her face appears smooth and flawless. You would be hard pressed to find one wrinkle anywhere on her face. When someone gets a facelift the surgeon will go in and pull, cut, and tweak the face to make it look as young as possible. It is a common surgery both in Hollywood and the modeling business. She might have felt like she was showing some of the early signs of aging so she had to correct it, and she succeeded.