Felicity Kendal Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgeries are undoubtedly usual in Hollywood where the beauties are always under this unnatural expectation to stay gorgeous forever. Interestingly, as much as the cosmetic procedures are normal here, so is the denial of plastic surgery claims by most of the starlets. Felicity Kendal is one of those Holly beauties who have always declined any claim about plastic works on her body and face. But surprisingly, her plastic surgeon publicly admitted that she had been his client earlier. Let’s see  what plastic surgeries were taken up by Felicity Kendal.

Has Felicity Kendal Had Plastic Surgery?

Felicity Kendal Plastic Surgery

Before starting with the plastic surgery procedures it should be mentioned that Felicity has crossed 60 by now and is even a grandmom of two. At this stage, women usually encounter several aging signs on their faces such as sagging skin, drooping eyelids, loose fat as well as wrinkles and unsightly lines. But if you look at the recent photos of Felicity Kendal you will be startled to find her with a much youthful countenance, relieved of all the aging marks mentioned above. Her smooth forehead does not look natural at this age and it’s only possible that the star took to Botox injections to even her lines from the forehead.

Then, Felicity also dons an enviably tight jaw line at this age. It is likely that the celebrity must have gone for a facelift surgery- one of the most common plastic procedures for aging women. The facelift surgery has firmed up her loosening skin rendering that smarter tight feel. A taut countenance eventually solves the issues of wrinkles and loose sagging skin from the face. Then, she must have opted for eyelid surgery. If you notice the area around her eyes, you won’t find eyebags or loose skin around, which, at this age, is only possible through eyelid surgery. Finally, Kendal has also taken to a fat reduction surgery to ensure a sleeker & sexier neck.

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