Felixia Yeap Plastic Surgery Before and After

Felixia Yeap is a former Malaysian model. She is by far one of the most beautiful women in the universe. Felixia Yeap is famous for her superb body and as the only Malaysian Playboy model. When you look at her, her beauty almost seems like it is too good to be true. Is there more to it than makeup and special effects? It would appear that cosmetic surgery played a big role in this model’s appearance.

The first, most obvious, and best looking surgery is her boob job. It looks like it was done by a professional surgeon who knew what he was doing. This boob job is evident by her before and after photos, which show the ways that she grew after the surgery. It goes without saying that thousands of women have had this surgery, and the results are, usually, positive. Felixia Yeap is not an exception to this rule.

Felixia Yeap plastic surgery before and after

Felixia Yeap plastic surgery

It would also seem that the young former model had Botox injections to keep her face smooth and youthful. She is only 28 years old, but the fact is she has no age showing. There are no wrinkles around her lips or any other signs of her reaching her 30’s. Her skin looks flawless, not a single age mark in sight. This is due to having good genetics, Botox injections, and knowing someone who can do the job right.

Remember if you are considering cosmetic surgery for yourself that it is an option to make you look how you have always imagined. As long as you make sure you find a good surgeon with a history of performing professional cosmetic surgery. This fact will ensure that you get a quality surgery that you can be proud of. Overall if you remember to keep the surgeries in moderation you can look good like Felixia Yeap.

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