Fergie Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Fergie is a popular singer in the group The Black Eyed Peas and she also managed to do some great singing and song writing on her own. Her career has skyrocketed in the past 10 years and she only seems to be getting popular as the years go on.  She is 40 years old; though if you didn’t know that you would guess that she was in her 20’s her miraculous good looks are more than just genetics. Some of her attractive features came from getting multiple plastic surgeries. Over the years it is hard to guess exactly how many she had, but judging by her before and after photos there are a couple that you can point out easily.

Fergie plastic surgery before and after photos

Fergie plastic surgery

If you take a careful look at the lips of Fergie you can easily see where she had some cosmetic surgery done. Her lips used to be almost paper thin, with no real lushness to be seen. Now if you look at a picture of her you can tell that she had some form of a lip job to increase the volume of her lips. A common reason that people get a lip job is to boost their sex appeal. It can also be something that is generally used to make someone feel good about their body. It is hard to say why Fergie had her work done.

Besides the lip surgery you can also tell that she had a nose job. She used to have a relatively broad nose, something that is not necessarily frowned upon but can be fixed with plastic surgery. A nose job is usually done if someone is uncomfortable with the way their nose looks and want to make it straighter, smaller, or neater, Fergie’s before and after photos show that she had work done, whether she ever admits it or not.

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