Fergie Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Like most other celebrities, Fergie has always denied her involvement with plastic surgery procedures. However, a momentary glance at her past and present photos would tell a different story all together. When she started out as a voice over artist in the 80s, she did not have those arched eyebrows or narrow nose. We are forced to believe that this was a job well done by a plastic surgeon, as she rose up to her glamour status.

Did Fergie Have Plastic Surgery or Breast Implant ?

The 38 year old seems to have gone under the knife several times and has molded her body to fit well with her glamorous image. A nose job, breast augmentation, Eye brow lifts and Botox are the immediate suspects. Take a look at the young Fergie – the pretty blond you see has a wider nose than the current Black Eyed Peas lead singer Fergie.  Looks like she had her nose reshaped and narrowed down for a better balance with her other facial features. Not bad we say – it worked. With that move, her face lost a lot of that girl-next-door look.

Our next suspect is the perfectly round and significantly larger breasts – results of a well executed breast augmentation procedure of course. That seemed to be quite necessary, considering her age and responsibility to bring the wow factor to her band.

Fergie Plastic Surgery Fergie Before and After photo

Fergie Plastic Surgery photo

Talking of age – if there is a smooth wrinkle-less almost 40 face, can Botox be far behind? Looks like Fergie had to give in to the Botox fairy, especially in the case of her perfectly pressed forehead.  We don’t see a lot of sagging skin too.

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The beauty enhancements do not stop there for sure. Take a look at those highly arched brows – they don’t seem to be so perky in her old picture. Eyebrows were possibly given a lift to give that ultra glamorous look. There are rumors about a lip augmentation too. But we don’t see a strong case there. However, we do hope Fergie is satisfied with her plastic looks.

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