Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Geena Davis has been under the attack of multiple Plastic Surgery rumors recently. Apparently her ‘ageless’ skin seems to have sparked off these speculations. 57 year old Geena looks every bit like someone in their 30s with flawless smooth skin without any trace of wrinkles or sagging. She has never confirmed her involvement with cosmetic surgery procedures. But we can see it clearly from her before and after pictures.

American actress, film producer, writer, former fashion model and a women’s Olympics archery team semi-finalist – Geena has a lot of reasons to be popular. Being a celebrity, it is important for her to put her best foot forward and appear attractive at all times. So, how would she allow age to take away that glamour and the easiest solution to keep it under control, once you are nearing your 60th birthday, is to take help from a plastic surgeon – and that is exactly what Geena did.

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Geena Davis Before and After photo

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Photo

It is speculated that Ms. Davis has gone under the knife for lip filler injections, facelift and eyelift surgery and Botox injections. He lips seems to be fuller than before – possibly with the help of filler injections. Then she opted for a facelift to take away all that sagging that age brings on to your skin. After a facelift, an eyelift is usually done to balance out the facial features. This has helped to keep her eyes looking youthful, without any crows-feet and under-eye bags that normally worry 50 plus women.

To smoothen it all out and keep the wrinkles at bay, Geena got Botox injections on her face. This helped in achieving a well-pressed smooth forehead and eliminated all the laugh lines and other tell-tale signs of aging. Looks like Geena Davis has got it all right. She was always a beauty and now with the help of plastic surgery she will continue to be so too.

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