Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Gisele Bundchen is a very active woman. She is currently a model in Brazil,  as well as a well-known actress and producer. Another interesting tidbit about Gisele is that she is married to the quarterback of the United States NFL team the New England Patriots. Because of how exposed she is to the world of fashion and movies it is not surprise that she is admired by many for her beautiful mind and beautiful body. When you look at before and after pictures of her you can tell that she must have had a little work done to achieve her current look. There is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery, you should just always be open about it especially if it is obvious.

Gisele Bundchen plastic surgery before and after photos

Gisele Bundchen plastic surgery

Her most obvious plastic surgery is her breast implants. You can easily see in the two pictures that her breasts changed drastically in size and shape in a short amount of time. When you take into consideration that she is 34 years old you know that there is no way that they randomly started getting bigger, unless breast implants were involved. Many people who have big roles on the stage tend to get breast implants because it boosts their self-confidence, and as long as it works it is perfectly fine.

Besides that surgery it would also appear that she had a facelift with some sort of filler shots. You can tell that in the before picture she was starting to get crow’s feet and wrinkles around her mouth, which is the first sign of aging. The odds are she wanted to get some filler shots so that she could clean up those wrinkles and fine lines, and she did a great job with this particular surgery. She is still working around the world to this day, and as long as she keeps up with her lifestyle it is going to be that way for quite some time.