Kendall Jenner’s Instagram Picture Sparks off Plastic Surgery Rumours

With siblings like the Kardashians, it wouldn’t be a surprise if teenage American television star, Kendall Jenner has started to get acquainted with plastic surgery.  The 17 year old model recently posted a ‘Selfie’ on Instagram that has sparked of concern and speculations about the young starlet’s plastic surgery ambitions.

Has Kendall Jenner Had a Nose Job or Breast Implant ?

Brand ambassador for ‘Seventeen’ magazine, runway model and her appearance on E! reality TV show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ – there are enough reasons for pretty little Kendall to stay glamorous. But going to the extremes like plastic surgery at this age, does not seem like a good idea. And I am sure, most of you would agree. After all what’s wrong with her natural face anyway?

kendall jenner plastic surgry

Now, before all of us start jumping to conclusions about Kendall, let me just say that at the moment these are just rumours about an attempt on giving herself a ‘trout pout’. How true is this? No one knows – the only reason for this news to spread is a single photograph shared on a social networking platform. The experts from the world of plastic surgery have varied opinions, as usual. Some staunchly believe that nothing has been altered on Miss Jenner’s face and she indeed has well shaped lips fit for stardom. Others accuse the lifestyle she has grown up with and her family’s obsession with good looks.

If Kendall has indeed sought help from a plastic surgeon to get closer to that Hollywood screen, she would have probably used Resatylane to pump up her lips. However, let’s hope this is not the case, at least for the sake of those young girls who see Kendall as their role model.

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