Hema Malini Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Hema Malini considered to be the dream girl in Bollywood went in for plastic surgery. It seems shocking as Hema was good looking before but after getting old she has become all the more beautiful which has left the media and her fans to think upon.

But more than plastic surgery procedures it was cosmetic enhancements which she has gone in for as she is believed to have opted for two cosmetic procedures. But the procedures have benefitted her. Botox and nose job are the two procedures which Hema Marlini is believed to have gone in for. Earlier Hema’s face was plump but as she grew older her face became lean but the smoothness on her face is remarkable which leaves everyone in wonder and probability of Botox is highlighted as her skin looks refreshed without any sagging lines, frown lines and wrinkles on her face. Her facial area has become structured but there is no proof whether she went in for structural readjustments on her face.

Hema Malini Plastic Surgery Before And After

Hema Malini Plastic Surgery

Hema Malini’s skin is tight and toned at her age which is only possible if she has taken Botox injections. It does appear that her face has become numb and frozen. She might have been suffered due to the overload of Botox. Her nose looks altered too as the shape has been changed to what it was earlier. Her nose is not fat like before any more rather she has got a lean nose with a tip which pinches which does look good on her. She never came out in the open and stated that she went in for any of the surgical procedures. But it is only through her before and after pictures that you can be sure that she did go in for plastic surgery.

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