Hilary Farr Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

If you watch home design shows, you might have heard of Hilary Farr. She is an international designer of homes, and she helps host the TV show Love it or List it. Farr was born on June 16th of 1962, which puts her at 52 years old. She appears as if she has had plastic surgery done to her. The question is what surgeries did she get?

First you can tell that Hillay Farr had a couple of facelifts. Her face looks like it sets very high on her face. It almost seems like it is plastic. This is a sign that she had too many facelifts in her years as a celebrity. There is nothing wrong with getting any plastic surgery, but you have to be careful about it. Having too much cosmetic surgery can eventually ruin your face or body.

Hilary Farr Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Hilary Farr Plastic Surgery

A second surgery that seems pretty obvious is a nose job. There is a distinct difference between her nose in older pictures and her current day pictures. Again it is a situation where she simply had too much done. She ended up ruining her nose by getting too many surgeries. Her nose looks like a slim piece of plastic if you compare the before and after pictures.

Botox injections are also visible in Hilary Farr. If you take a look at her cheeks, you can see they are full and pushed up. However, it seems that they are pushed up way too far, especially for someone of her age. It is sad to say that the number of surgeries she received interfere with her natural beauty. However, if Hilary Farr is happy with the results of her plastic surgery, then by all means she should be okay having it. It all boils down to whether she is comfortable in her skin or not.

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