Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Hillary Clinton is a political figure in more ways than one. She is the wife of former president, Bill Clinton, and 2016 democratic presidential candidate. She has a long running reign of being one of the most influential people in the world. If you can believe it, Hillary Clinton is actually pushing 70 years old. She is 67, but still manages to look younger. How is it that she is almost 70 but still looks like she is in her early 50s? The most logical answer to that question is with a little help from a plastic surgeon. You can see that she had some minor work done on her face to help keep up her youthful appearances, and they really paid off.

Hillary Clinton plastic surgery before and after photos

Hillary Clinton plastic surgery

When you look at the before and after photos the first surgery you can see is her neck lift. When people begin to age the skin loses all of its elasticity. When that loss happens you will see people with extra skin, usually hanging from trouble areas like the neck or cheeks. The odds are Hillary decided to get the surgery done so that her neck would look trim and young, and she succeeded in that aspect. That is not the end of Hillary’s alleged surgeries.

Next, look around her lips and eyes. Notice that she has far few wrinkles than she did in her older pictures.  The main reason her wrinkles seemed to vanish more than likely has to do with getting a facelift. When someone gets a facelift it tightens and tones the skin in ways that otherwise would never happen. It would explain her lack of wrinkles and overall young looking face. She is not the first person to get cosmetic surgery and she will not be the last. Hillary is however a great example of what happens when plastic surgery is done right.