Hyun Bin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

Hyun Bin is a well known South Korean actor. As is in the case of most Korean celebrities, Hyun has also come under plastic surgery speculations. His nose and jawline is suspected to have undergone surgery. Coming from a country where plastic surgery is as common as going to your local physician, it comes as no surprise to hear such rumors a bout a popular actor like Hyun Bin.

Did Hyun Bin Has Had Jaw and Nose Plastic Surgery ?

Hyun Bin (born Kim Tae-pyung) is a South Korean actor, best known for his leading roles in the TV dramas My Name is Kim Sam-soon and Secret Garden. Hyun was discovered by an entertainment agency official who saw him passing by on a motorcycle, when Bin was in high school. He made his debut in 2003 with the television series Bodyguard, followed by the sitcom Nonstop 4 and quirk drama Ireland.

hyun bin before and after photo

Hyun Bin before and after plastic surgery

It is hard to believe that the handsome Hyun Bin has also gone under the knife to enhance his beauty. The rumors about his jawline reshaping is highly debatable, with one group of gossip columnist suggesting that it could be a natural change due to weight loss. But others are of the opinion that Hyun has had some help from a plastic surgeon to get his attractive looks. But when it comes to his nose, it is unanimously agreed that there has been some involvement of plastic surgery.

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Take a look at his before and after photos, and you will notice that the bridge of Hyun’s nose is much narrower now. It does bring balance to his facial features and he is all the more good looking. However, the change isn’t significant and is counter argued that make-up or lighting could also bring substantial changes to one’s looks.

Hyun Bin is yet to comment on the rumors about his plastic surgery involvement, while speculations run wild whether he has undergone surgery to enhance his beauty or not. What do you think – did he or did he not?

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