India Reynolds Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

India Reynolds is a 24 year old English Glamour model. She is without a doubt a very beautiful woman and has made an appearance in high profile magazine such as Playboy. She is signed to the Samantha Bond Modeling agency where she has played an active role model for other aspiring models. It is obvious that she is an admirable person because she takes the time out of her day to help others who are trying to follow the same path as she did. The question is, is there more to her than that? Some people say that she is not a fit role model because she had some plastic surgery done. There are two surgeries that she has been critiqued for and you can see them both in this before and after photo.

India Reynolds Plastic Surgery before and after photos

India Reynolds Plastic Surgery

The first surgery that seems evident is a nose job. If you look at the way her nose is shaped now as opposed to the way it looked when she was younger you can see a big difference. Her nose is now facing upwards and smaller, which are two typical signs of someone who had a nose job. Regardless of the fact her nose looks great, so if there was a plastic surgeon involved they did a great job.

Folks also point to her cheeks and say that she had Botox shots. While it is true that she does show the signs of getting Botox shots such as filled out cheeks and no wrinkles at all, it does not make her a bad person. She is still an admirable figurehead for girls who want to better themselves. She has managed to make something of herself in just 24 years. At the end of the day it does not matter whether she had plastic surgery or not, she is still a fitting role model for ladies everywhere.