Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos Showing Botox, Filler Injections and Breast Augmentation

Ivanka Trump plastic surgery is one of the most debated celebrity plastic surgery topics. Some say she looks better and mature with that little help from the cosmetic surgeon, and other opine that it was absolutely unnecessary to let go of her natural beauty. But let’s take a look at her before and after photos to see how much of a transformation has happened.

32 year old Ivanka Trump is a successful American businesswoman, heiress, writer and former model. She also holds recognition with fine jewellery and lifestyle collections under her name. Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka stepped into her modeling career in 1997 on the cover of Seventeen. Since then, she has sashayed down the runway for biggies like Versace, Marc Bouwer and Thierry Mugler.

ivanka trump before and after

Ivanka Trump before and after plastic surgery

With a world famous family name and cash to splash, it is only natural for Ivanka to spend millions on enhancing her looks – be it fashionable dressing or fine-tuning her beauty. Though she is loved by the media for her charming personalities, rumors and speculations haven’t steered clear of her either. She is being accused of Botox, filler injections and breast augmentation.

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Gossipers are of the opinion that Ivanka’s breasts had a magical transformation in no time and now appear firmer and shapelier. Ivnka is reported to have admitted to this and credits the need for going under the knife to her post-baby plan. There are also rumors about a nose job, to which Ivanka has not responded. This change is however visible to the naked eye from her before and after pix – Ivanka has a pinched and straighter nose now. The best part is that the nose job has made her more attractive.

Chin augmentation, facelift and Liposuction rumors are also doing the rounds in Ivanka Trump’s name. Whatever she had done at the plastic surgeon’s clinic, we like it! She looks prettier and not plastic at all. Hopefully, Ivanka knows the limits and won’t cross over to the weird side.

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