Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Jamie Lee Curtis has had plastic surgery – this is no secret. She was in fact, addicted to painkillers after her routine cosmetic surgery procedures and came out of the influence in 1999. At 54 years of age, the American actress and author does not seem to regret what she has done to her body in the past and has openly admitted to have made the decision to go under the knife in her younger years – that too, several times!

Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery Jamie Lee Curtis Before and After Photo

Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery Photo

Jamie has undergone Liposuction and Botox treatments during her active years in Hollywood. The result does show in the present with a much younger body than her age. However, she herself is known to have admitted that the procedures did not work as she expected. The Liposuction did not have much effect on her body and actually may have worsened her condition. According to one plastic surgeon, this might have been due to the ‘lack’ of fat in Curtis’s body. What? She was not even fat and yet went for a Lipo? That was some serious mistake Miss Curtis!

Jamie has also admitted to have had an eyelid surgery in her 30s and this too did not go well. Plastic surgeons cite her young age to be a reason for the failure. However, now  Jamie Lee Curtis looks like a perfectly fine women in her 50s and has positively decided to steer clear of beauty enhancing surgeries. Good for her, we say – we don’t want you wreaking havoc over that body again Jamie! Keep those fine laugh lines and embrace your real beauty.

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