Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

American model and talent agent, Janice Dickinson has a life-time membership with the ‘celebrity-plastic-surgery-gone-wrong’ club. This is a case of classic bad plastic surgery that has left a handful of celebs regretting their foolish decision. The self-proclaimed ‘world’s first supermodel’ seems to have ended up in a lot of trouble with her pursuit for youth.

The 58 year old is one of the most successful models from the 70s-80s period, with her face grazing thousands of magazine covers. As she aged, she took her talent to the next level and started appearing in reality television shows like America’s Next Top Model. She also launched her own model agency and is presently enjoying her successful career.

janice dickinson before and after photos

Janice Dickinson before and after plastic surgery photos

Face lifts, eye lifts, nose jobs, and breast implants are the main culprits for Janice’s distorted beauty. But by the standards of some ‘really’ unfortunate celeb plastic surgery victims; Dickinson is much better off on the weirdness scale. The only complication seems to be the loss of natural beauty that she possessed during their super-model days.

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The face-lifts have visibly narrowed and sharpened her features, however it has also frozen her face into a stretched out expression. The eyes are pulled up too tight and so are her lips. Lip injections may have been used to correct the initial mistake – however, it doesn’t seem to have worked in her favour. Her original cute button nose has been transformed to a pointy mess for her newly acquired angular face. In an attempt to correct the initial botched surgeries, Janice seems to have lost her fresh pretty faced look.

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