Jennifer Coolidge Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jennifer Coolidge is a 54 year old Boston, MA native and extremely successful actress. She is immediately recognizable from her role as Stifler’s mom in the American Pie movies. She also plays a major role in the hit TV show 2 Broke Girls, with Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs. One of the things that many people love about Jennifer Coolidge is that she is fearless. She has openly admitted in the past to getting plastic surgery work done, and does not shame people young or old for doing the same. She understands that at some point you are going to want to change your body and face to get a younger appearance. Jennifer Coolidge plastic surgery interviews stated that her surgeries were essentially an attempt to hide her signs of aging. The question that most people have is what kind of cosmetic procedures did she have done throughout the years. Luckily, these before and after photos might provide he answers everyone is looking for.

Jennifer Coolidge plastic surgery before and after photos

Jennifer Coolidge plastic surgery

The surgery that is immediately noticeable in the photos is Jennifer’s neck lift procedure. You can clearly see that in the first picture her neck was starting to show the first signs of aging. You can see things such as wrinkles, skin that sags, and overall discoloration. These kinds of things tend to happen as people begin to age, but luckily plastic surgeons are out there to make sure that people do not have to possess these trouble areas forever.

These types of surgeries are very common procedures, so it is no surprise that one of Jennifer Coolidge plastic surgery procedure choices.  You can see that in the after photos her neck appears to be tighter, more evenly toned, and overall better looking. It is hard to say who exactly did her work, but the odds are they were a reputable plastic surgeon, because the results look great.