Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

If you have listened to the radio at any point in the past 10 years you know who Jennifer Lopez is. She started out as Jenny from the block and progressed to one of the greatest selling artists of all time. It is more than her lyrical and vocal skills that boosted her to the point that she is at in her career. It has been said that her amazing looks have also played a key role in keeping her relevant in the celebrity world. When you take one look at her you cannot help but to notice that she is extremely beautiful and admired by both men and women around the world.

Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery before and after photos

Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery

When you think of Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery might come to your mind. The reason is because her beauty is almost unnatural. It is not a bad thing to get any kind of cosmetic surgery, but you can tell when work has been done on someone. It is especially true when you have before and after photos to compare them to so that you can see the change over time. If you look at these before and after photos the first thing that sticks out is how smooth her skin is. One of the only ways to get your skin that smooth, especially in your 40s, is with a facelift to keep your looks going strong. A facelift is a common procedure that people get to remove age marks and fine lines, and Jennifer Lopez has a grade A surgeon helping her.

The other surgery that comes to mind when you are looking at the photos is her lip job. You can see that in the before pictures she had nice lips, but they are nowhere near the level of attractiveness that they are now. What usually happens is stars such as Jennifer will get a lip job to keep their lips looking full and lush, something that is crucial as a female in Hollywood. She might be Jenny from the block, but she is going to be gorgeous for years to come no matter what.

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