Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

In her forties, it is difficult if not impossible to convince people of her age. Looking fabulous at 40, McCarthy looks young and radiant in her latest pictures. Courtesy the advancement in plastic surgery, looking as amazing as her at 40 seems a tad too normal of late. Born in 1972, the model turned actress is quite open about her surgeries and went to the extent of declaring it to a magazine that she sure loves her regular doses of Botox. She feels that plastic surgery is fun and if done properly it can make the biggest difference in a person’s appearance.

Has Jenny McCarthy had plastic surgery?

Jenny McCarthy before after plastic surgery photos of boob job, botox, Fillers and Nose Job

If you match her old and new pictures, there are few differences that are a tad too evident. For instance the changes in her cheeks are quote obvious since they are sticking out more than ever. When a person ages, their cheeks usually droop down. Thanks to facial fillers, her cheeks are looking nice and perky even at 40. Facial fillers of late have become quite popular among celebs looking to maintain their youth.

One thing great about her new face is that she takes Botox in minimal amount so that it doesn’t do away with the natural look completely. Thank god she still has that natural smile of hers. However she swears by Botox and says that it is a life saver. Most of the women who have crossed their 30s have had several doses of Botox, whether or not they prefer to admit it.

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She has also went under the knife to augment her breasts, which definitely has contributed to her modeling career. Her first appearance was some twenty years back on the cover of playboy, because of obvious reasons and the model turned actress still looks dashing even at 40.

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