Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jessica Alba is a stunning actress and model who has been very successful throughout her life. She has made a name for herself throughout the years for more than just her awesome acting abilities; she landed her modeling jobs due to her beautiful appearance. She has an amazing body and a beautiful face that is known around the world. When people see how beautiful she is they often attribute to it the lights and her makeup, however people who have seen her in person know that she is beautiful even up close. She is 33 years old and can easily pass as being in her early 20s. Jessica Alba did not find the fountain of youth, so how does she continue to look so good even now?


Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery

Many people have looked at various Jessica Alba plastic surgery before and after photos and you can tell that she has had work done throughout the years. One of the first surgeries that everyone seems to think she had by look at her photos is a nose job. Over the years her nose has gotten smaller and tighter to her face, telltale signs of a nose job.

Another rumor that people think Jessica Alba had is a facelift. Even though she never had saggy skin to begin with, her skin is still tight and fresh as a 20 year old. When people decide to get a facelift the skin is cut and lifted and filler is inserted. People usually go with this surgery option if they are getting the fine lines around their eyes and mouth that many people end up with by their mid-30s. Whether you are for or against plastic surgery you cannot dispute that it is a great concept that has helped many people, including Jessica Alba, keep her beauty into her 30s and beyond.

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