Jessica Lange Facelift Before and After Photos

Jessica Lange is one of the most memorable cast members in the FX show American Horror Story along with Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, and Frances Conroy. She decided to take a break from the 2015 season subtitled Hotel. It is hard to talk about a show that has so much influence without mentioning Jessica, regardless of whether she is featured on this year’s season or not. Besides her amazing acting career in AHS and movies like the classic 1976 King Kong, she is also known for looking stunning for her age. You might be shocked to learn that Jessica Lange is 66! She easily passes as mid to late 40s! Could Jessica Lange facelift procedure have something to do with her good looks? Well look at the before and after photos for yourself.

Jessica Lange Facelift before and after photos

Jessica Lange Facelift

After you check out these pictures you can clearly see that there is a big difference between the two. You could argue that in one she is wearing more makeup than the other, sure, but when you take a closer look and really examine the details it is obvious that there is more to it than that.  It is the tiny details that really demonstrates how severely different she looks now, as opposed to just a few short years ago. All of her wrinkles and fine lines have softened, and her face appears to be tight and fresh, despite being 3 years away from her 70th birthday.

Typically the only reason someone would have a face like looks this young involves some form of plastic surgery, in this case a facelift procedure.  When a plastic surgeon goes in to do a procedure such as this one the face is manipulated gently by stretching and tightening skin until the wrinkles fade away.  Most of the time when someone gets a facelift, Botox injections are also used to fill in the spots where the skin is going to start sagging again, namely around the cheeks and eyes. Jessica Lange facelift procedure is one of the more obvious cosmetic surgeries out there, but either way she still looks fantastic and has managed to scare the pants off of us in American Horror Story. Hopefully we will get to see her return in season 6. Where would you like to see the next American Horror Story set?

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