Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery Before and After Pic Showing Facelift

63 year old Jessica Lange’s face has all the tell tale signs of a successful plastic surgery procedure that is common among aging celebrities. One of the most celebrated American actors of modern era, Lange was quiet a beautiful woman at the peak of her career. As age took over her beauty, it is only natural that she turned to cosmetic surgery for keeping her looks pleasing.

Did Jessica Lange Have Plastic Surgery ?

A brief look at her recent photographs is enough proof for her decision to go under the knife. The prime suspects being a smooth forehead and tight facial features, Jessica Lange would have possibly sought help from the Botox fairy. She might have also undergone an eyelid surgery and facelift.

Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery Jessica Lange Before and After Photo

Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery Photo

Her wrinkle-less smooth forehead is definitely the work of a successful and regular Botox procedure. The eyelid surgery has helped erase the lines around and under her eyes considerably. Sagging skin and crow’s feet has been effectively controlled around her eyes with this procedure. She could have possibly undergone a facelift too. This would have been to tighten her lower facial features in order to balance them with her revitalized upper face. However, she has take care not overdo this procedure and transform her face unnaturally plastic.

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Jessica would have possibly gone for a neck lift too. This would have been necessary to compliment and balance out her smooth and tight facial features after the facelift. The best part is that she has not gone overboard with any of the cosmetic surgery procedures and maintains a youthful face even in her 60 plus years. She may not achieve back her youthful yesteryear film star looks, but is definitely a stunner fit for her age.

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