Jessica Liu Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jessica Liu is a singer and actress from Malaysia. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world. While Jessica Liu is only her stage name, it doesn’t change her life story or her beauty. Men around the world want to be with her, and women want to be her. How does someone get to such a high place on the grounds of just being a talented, beautiful girl? Well one of the keywords here is beautiful.

Since she is such a beautiful woman she must have found the fountain of youth, or maybe had a little extra help. If you are wondering what kind of extra help just take a look at Jessica Liu plastic surgery before and after photos. You can see that she looks drastically different than she did in her former days. She is not even 40, but could easily pass for being a 20 year old girl.

Jessica Liu plastic surgery before and after photos

Jessica Liu plastic surgery

One look at her before and after photos and you can see that her nose in particular is drastically different. The reason behind this could have something to do with a nose job or two. When you look at the pictures in the first one her nose is upturned a little bit, now it’s straight and facing down, an obvious sign of a nose job.

She likely also got a couple of Botox injections to keep her face looking so young. Her pictures show that her cheeks are sitting higher on her face than the before picture. When someone gets Botox injections it helps fills the fine lines around the lips and eyes, it also causes the cheeks to fill in and appear healthy and full of life. Jessica Liu never admitted to getting plastic surgery, but all of the signs are there. Regardless of the fact she is still very beautiful and will stay that way for years to come.

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