Jill Marie Jones Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jill Marie Jones has been in the spotlight for a couple of different very successful TV shows and movies throughout her career. Her most notable achievement is her time on the TV show Girlfriends, which lasted from 2000 until 2008. However, it is interesting to note that her most exciting career choice might be in the works now. She recently got the female lead in the instant hit Starz show Ash vs Evil Dead. When you have an all-star cast like Jones, Bruce Campbell, and Dana DeLorenzo you simply cannot go wrong.  The show started up on the last day of October and people are already ranting and raving about the possibilities. When it comes to Jones, many people have watched her in her different roles and noticed an odd change in her appearance. You can see the Jill Marie Jones plastic surgery before and after photos to get an idea of why people are speculating about whether or not she had cosmetic work done or not.

Jill Marie Jones Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Jill Marie Jones Plastic Surgery

Jill Marie Jones Plastic Surgery Observations

No matter how hard you try, when you look at these photos you cannot help but to see how tight her face looks in the second photo. It looks as if she had a facelift to compliment her facial features, and the surgeon did a great job. The tightness is drastically different so you cannot help but to notice how much younger she looks in the after photos. Would you ever in a million years guess that Jill Marie Jones is actually 40 years old? If not, her plastic surgeon did their job well with her facelift procedure!

The second surgery that needs to be mentioned is her nose job. If you look at these Jill Marie Jones plastic surgery photos can you not instantly tell that her nose has drastically changed shape in a short period of time?  In the first photo her nose appears to be slightly wider and not as well formed. Once you really look at the after photos it is clear as day that she has had a nose job, facelift, and possibly more plastic surgery than just that! Can you spot any other signs of plastic surgery in these before and after photos?