Jimmy Fallon Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jimmy Fallon is the SNL actor who took over after Jay Leno left The Tonight Show in 2014. He is a great actor and even better host as he has a way of talking to people that can always bring a smile to your face. Jimmy Fallon is sitting at 40 years old, and to be honest he can still pass for 25. The question often comes up, how is he capable of still looking so young even after all of his years on camera.

The answer is simpler than anyone ever thought. It likely has a lot to do with getting plastic surgery. When you look at his before and after pictures you can see subtle changes that show that he is not aging naturally. While it is not a bad thing that he never admitted to it, if it is obvious he should be proud of the surgeon who did such a great job with his procedures.

Jimmy Fallon Plastic Surgery before and after

Jimmy Fallon Plastic Surgery

There is often controversy over what kind of surgeries he may have decided to take on throughout the years to keep his fresh and young appearance. It is widely believed that he opted into getting a regular facelift to keep his face looking like he is in his 20’s. He is showing no signs of aging, not even the small wrinkles around his eyes and mouth that most people around 35-40 tend to get. His face still appears full and youthful, a telltale sign of a facelift.

Besides the previously mentioned surgery it looks like Jimmy Fallon might have decided to get a chin job. The reason it looks this way is because of how well defined his chin is now as opposed to when he was younger. It does not look bad on him, it is just noticeable when you take one look at the before and after photos. Jimmy will surely look young for years to come.

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