Joan Kennedy Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Joan Kennedy is known as one of the most respected musician and models for her time. She is still highly regarded today as one of the most well-known social butterflies. Her husband was the late Ted Kennedy, a former United States Senator. She is known most recently for the insane amount of plastic surgeries she received. There is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery; you just need to know to do it in moderation. When you get too much plastic surgery it can cause damage to your face and other parts of your body. Here is some of the surgeries the 78-year-old woman has clearly had throughout the years.

Joan Kennedy Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Joan Kennedy Plastic Surgery

It would seem obvious that facelifts have been a big part of her life, especially in the past couple of years. The facelifts are evident by the fact that her face has taken on a more plastic look as the years have gone by. If you look carefully at her face, you can see that it has taken on a frozen look, which is a typical sign of having too much plastic surgery. This is not the only procedure Kennedy has had throughout the years.

It looks like she is suffering from too many nose jobs and chin jobs on top of that. These surgeries can be beneficial to people who want to change their appearance for the better. However, it would seem that she had these surgeries to the point that she did not have any actual face left from the nose and chin jobs. Much like the rest of her face and neck it looks like they are made of plastic. If she would have been more careful and paid attention to the early signs of plastic surgery damage she could have turned the situation around. The result would be she could have kept her stunning good looks long into her 60’s and maybe even 70’s.

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