John Kerry Facelift Before And After Photos

Plastic surgeries are not uncommon for the movie actors but do you know that the celebrity politicians too go under the cosmetic knife these days. Yes, and male politicians too! One of the most esteemed political personnel of contemporary world politics to have taken to plastic surgery is US Secretary of State John Kerry. Rumor has it that the 70-year old John Kerry has opted for a facelift surgery.

If you go through the previous pictures of John Kerry, you will find him with all the signs of aging common in a man on the wring side of 60. He had wrinkles, laugh lines, crow’s feet, creased forehead and sagging skin. Now, browse through his latest pictures and you would be astonished to find the septuagenarian with a perfectly smooth skin and tight face, devoid of all the aging hints noted above. Such a firmness is never possible naturally when a man is aging and is only possible through cosmetic operations. The unnaturally firm area on the forehead & around the eyes even at this age, especially scream of cosmetic  work.

John Kerry Face Lift Surgery Before and After

John Kerry Face Lift Photo

A dapper man in his youth, John Kerry must have been under the self-pressure to restore his youthful looks even when he is aging and a facelift procedure was the ultimate solution here. It is said that John Kerry had a facelift along with other age defying plastic operation on his face such as Botox injections and facial fillers. However, John Kerry and his team has stayed tight lipped about any news of plastic surgery and his spokesman has even strongly denied any speculation regarding his sudden youthful appearance even in late 60s.

It’s to stress here that John Kerry’s facelift could not echo positive vibes in the media and he has even been defined as some “grotesque freak”. According to many, the post surgical appearance looks really artificial on him.

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