John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

John Kerry is a famous political figure who has appeared on many different platforms over the years. His current position is as the United States Secretary of State. He has held that position since 2013, and has done decent up until this point. You would never think it by looking at John Kerry but he is actually 71 years old. If you would have seen him 10 years ago his age would have shown. You might be wondering why the sudden change. The simple answer is John has some plastic surgery to enhance his looks in multiple ways even after his 70th birthday. In order for you to really see the difference you would need to look at John Kerry before and after photos. Once you see the work he had done you will not be able to un-see it.

John Kerry Plastic Surgery before and after photos

John Kerry Plastic Surgery

The first, and likely most noticeable surgery is his nose job. You can tell that his nose has changed shape in a very drastic way over the past couple of years. When someone gets a nose job a surgeon goes in and shapes the nose to suit the person getting the work done. You can take some off, add some on, and overall enhance the appearance. It would seem that Mr. Kerry added some filler to smooth out the wrinkles on and around his nose.

Botox shots are also a very common procedure, and John Kerry shows all the signs of getting the filler shots. When someone starts to get wrinkles and age what usually happens is they get wrinkles around their mouth and eyes, when someone gets Botox shots it fills in all of those spaces to give the face an overall better and healthier look. While plastic surgery is not for everyone, John is proof that cosmetic surgery can keep you looking young forever.