John Travolta Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

John Travolta is one of the most known actors in the entire world. He is most well-known for his main role in the hit movie Grease. Travolta is also famous for his good looks. He has been admired by women, and likely some men, for his appearance. Even though he may be 60 years old he still looks like he is in his late 30’s or early 40’s. How is this possible?

Did he discover the fountain of youth? It is not likely, what does seem possible is that he went through a series of plastic surgeries to keep his face looking youthful and fresh throughout the years. The question is what kind of surgeries has he received through the years, and how his this impacted  his life on a professional level?

John Travolta plastic surgery before and after photos

John Travolta plastic surgery


The most common surgery that people seem to think Travolta had was a series of facelifts. His face is exceptionally wrinkle free and his face still looks as full and young as ever. If he did have facelifts it is likely that he used Botox injections to keep the effects of the surgery lasting even longer. If you look at all of the usual trouble spots such as forehead, nose, and mouth he has no real signs of aging. When you couple that with the fact that he is over half a century old, there has to be at least Botox injections involved in those good looks.

When push comes to shove he is still as successful as ever. If he did receive any facelift surgeries or Botox Injections they have done nothing but make his life better. The fact that he can look how young he feels on the inside, on the outside says a lot about the Travolta. It says that he is still as sharp as ever, and we certainly have not seen the last of him in the spotlight.

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