Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before and After

Christian speaker and author Joyce Meyer has been having things going weird for her and it screams plastic surgery, without doubt? Looks like even god couldn’t stop her from getting a bad plastic surgery done. Sigh!

70 year old Joyce Meyer is a popular charismatic Christian speaker and author with millions of fans around the world. Her teachings and sermons are popular for her uplifting messages. Most people find it a way to get close to god and lead a better life. Her shows are even broadcasted different languages to reach out to every corner of the world. With that kind of popularity, even a god’s child got to look good, right? After all, Joyce is on TV!

Had Joyce Meyer had plastic surgery ?

Joyce Meyer plastic surgery before and after photo

Joyce Meyer before and after plastic surgery

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery rumors got strong with her before and after photos being flashed across the internet and some health magazines. What is really weird is her smile – Joyce seems to have gone overboard with whaterver plastic surgery procedure she has undergone.

Experts are of the opinion that a lip augmentation procedure is the prime suspect. But it has went wrong horribly. She was probably aiming at fuller lips, but instead got joker like curls on the tips and a wider mouth. She may have has incorrect dermal fillers injected to her lips which is sertainly causing this unbalanced look. This must have also paralyzed the muscles that act in giving you a normal smile and the scar tissue can cause swelling, firmness and sagging. Oh..ho!

Let’s just hope that it isn’t that bad and Joyce Meyer will end up with minimal damage. But, why a lip augmentation procedure at this age? We would have supported a facelift or Botox!

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