Juliana Borges Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Juliana Borges was a participant in the 2001 Brazilian contestant in the Miss Universe contest. She was placed under some criticism when she admitted to the media that she had at least 19 plastic surgeries. Her response almost made it so that she could not participate in the contest. Over time she was allowed and she did not place in the top 10, but still managed to show off her skills and beautiful figure. Even if she did have cosmetic surgery she only did it to make herself look and feel better. It is obvious that her surgeon was a good one and knew exactly what Juliana wanted, because she still looks as young as ever.

Juliana Borges plastic surgery before and after photos

Juliana Borges plastic surgery

When you see her before and after photos you can see that she had a nose job. In the before picture her nose was broad and did not have a real point to it. Now her nose appears to be much smaller and has a fine point at the end, which is a telltale sign of cosmetic surgery. Nose jobs are very common so it is not a surprise that she would get this kind of work done on her face. That is not the end of her plastic surgery story.

The other very obvious surgery from these photos is multiple Botox injections. The skin will begin to age and can lose elasticity which causes the wrinkles and sagging skin that you see in people who are starting to age. Many people will get Botox injections at the first signs of aging such as crow’s feet or frown lines. The filler will go in and plump out the trouble areas to give the face a more full and youthful look. Even though her last Miss Universe pageant was over ten years ago Juliana Borges still looks beautiful due to her plastic surgeries.