Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

If you have ever seen the hit movie Happy Gilmore starring Adam Sandler you likely know who Julie Bowen is in the film. She is a beautiful actress and has held many other roles in TV shows and movies since Happy Gilmore came out, and she is still looking great.. Julie Bowen is 44 years old and could easily pass as someone who is in their mid to late twenties. How does she manage this impossible sounding feat? It might have to do with her getting plastic surgery to change her appearance for the better. Here is a Julie Bowen plastic surgery before and after picture so that you can see for yourself what kind of procedures she might have had done.

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery before and after photo

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery

When you look at the photo one thing sticks out more than anything else, how flawless her face is. She is showing no signs of aging while at the same time keeping her radiant appearance. The way this is possible is with getting a facelift. When she decided to get a facelift she knew that it would be a great solution to getting rid of lines that appear around the eyes and lips that often appear around a person’s face as they age. Plastic surgery has changed the way many people live their lives and allows them to change their appearance entirely in little to no time.

Another surgery that you can see is her chin job. She used to have a broad chin, it was not unattractive but it looks different now. If someone does not like the way their chin looks they can simply get it fixed to their liking by getting a chin job. While Julie Bowen may have been in the business for quite some time she is still going to be around for years to come. As time goes on she just keeps getting more and more beautiful.

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